Digital Inclusive Business School

DIBS is an Erasmus+ project focused on the education of Migrant Adults Low Qualified (MALQs) in business competences to facilitate their effective social-economic and cultural inclusion in their host societies.

DIBS aims to be the first inclusive school for MALQs, involving partners from 5 European countries: Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and Italy. 

The project will offer a long-term and lifelong solution that will finally encourage the development of blended enterprises where migrants and locals will work together to create new entrepreneurial opportunities. Also, DIBS will set up the path to promote a Pan-European network of Business Inclusive Business Schools resembling top private business schools.

Target groups

The two main target groups of the DIBS project are:

  • Migrant Adults Low Qualified (MALQs) living in the partners’ countries: MALQs will be involved during the initial project phase when online surveys and focus groups/interviews will be organized, while they will also participate in the implementation of the Inclusive Business Labs.
  • Educators, professionals, and volunteers working with MALQs: This target group includes various professionals and stakeholders working with MALQs and supporting their integration in different contexts and settings. Indicatively, it includes teachers and educators, psychosocial professionals, supporting staff and volunteers in NGOs etc.

In addition to the above groups, a series of stakeholders and relevant actors will also be reached and benefit from the project, e.g. migrants’ associations, NGOs/CSOs working with MALQs, employment authorities, Higher Education/research & VET institutions, Business organisations, associations and education companies, Municipal Authorities, European and international organizations and networks, European authorities and policy makers, Press and generic public.

Project activities

  • Mapping, through primary and secondary research, of the specific needs in terms of entrepreneurial education for MALQs but also the needs of educators and volunteers working with the target group in terms of the more effective support the socio- economic reintegration of MALQs.
  • Design and development of a Modular and Customized Capacity Building Program and Manual for Trainers, as well as testing them.
  • Development and testing of an online training platform and the Inclusive Business Labs.
  • Implementation of info-days/multiplier events, final international conference and other promotional and awareness raising activities.

Expected results

A series of results are expected during the DIBS project, including:

  • Creation of a comprehensive capacity building methodology for professionals working with Third Country Nationals – MALQs on how to develop partnership and business competencies in a very practical manner. The newly developed methodology will be introduced to at least 60 TCNs and 60 educators/professionals/volunteers working with MALQs.
  • New skilled participants will practice what they have learnt in Inclusive Business Labs. At least 60 educators in the participating countries will have their knowledge levels elevated by getting introduced to the newly business cases methodology adapted to the target group.
  • A comprehensive online platform for facilitating the delivery of the capacity building programme will be developed and made available in all partner languages.
  • Tight bonds between the consortium partners and educators and professionals, in one hand, and organisations supporting MALQs, on the other hand, will be developed.
  • Info days will be organised in the participating countries to promote project results and set an open discussion on the critical role of inclusive entrepreneurship.


  • Funding programme

    KA220-ADU - Cooperation partnerships in adult education

  • Duration

    01/11/2021 - 31/12/2023

  • Budget

    258.991.00 EUR

  • Countries

    Spain, Greece, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy

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Project reference number: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-ADU-000033439

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