WE LEARN EVERYWHERE project’s Kick-off Meeting in Athens

On the 4th and 5th of April 2022, Symplexis hosted the official Kick-off meeting of our new Erasmus+ project, “We Learn Everywhere”. The partnership which consists of 7 organizations from 4 different countries (Greece, Belgium, Spain and Italy), met in Athens and had the initial discussions on the preparations of the project’s activities, the objectives and outputs.  

The “We Learn Everywhere” project is addressed to parents and carers, with a focus on families from disadvantaged backgrounds, and it aims to mitigate the mid- and long-term consequences of the pandemic on children’s mental health and well-being.

The project’s goal is to enable parents and carers through a set of pedagogical and didactic activities at home and in everyday life and empower them in their social role to support their children through digital learning opportunities and upskilling pathways helping them gaining skills and key competences.

At the same time, the project stipulates the realization of training sessions for parents and carers, half of them in remote or rural areas, and the creation of an interregional and transnational network of parents and carers via a small- scale matching programme with peer-learning activities.