Virtual Spitfire

Using Virtual Reality and Local Industrial Heritage for Developing Key Competences

The Virtual Spitfire project aims at the development of an innovative Continuous Professional Development course for the training of adult educators on the use of Virtual Reality, building on the production and sharing of Open Educational Resources based on practical classroom and work-based training activities, and on the use of Virtual Reality and digital media. This project focuses on on-line training material, where adult educators and other relevant professionals can access high quality material that will promote their personal and professional development.

To that end, Virtual Spitfire will have a long-lasting impact on 3 levels:

  • Local level: the availability of “ready-to-use” methodologies and resources on Virtual Reality in Adult education and methods will immediately reinforce the response of the sector to the urgent needs of EU societies in terms of social and professional inclusion of different cultural groups and in general people with disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • Regional/ national level: the Virtual Spitfire project is expected to create a common methodological framework, based on a smart use of Virtual Reality technologies for enhancing key competences of educators;
  • EU level: this project will contribute to the debate of facilitating Virtual Reality blended training for adult audience groups in order to enter the labour market.

During its 36-month lifetime, Virtual Spitfire will directly and indirectly positively impact

At least


adult educators and cultural heritage professionals

At least



At least


multiplier event participants/ stakeholders

virtual -spitfire-Asset 168e-Book /Handbookplus_icon

A Methodological Framework e-Book /Handbook

virtual -spitfire-Asset 169Virtual Reality Environmentplus_icon

A Virtual Reality Environment / Open Educational Resource Platform

virtual -spitfire-Asset 170Training courseplus_icon

A Continuous Personal Development Training course curriculum

virtual -spitfire-Asset 171e-Learning & Learning Outcome Matrixplus_icon

A Scenario-based eLearning and Learning Outcome Matrix

virtual -spitfire-Asset 172Training programmeplus_icon

A Cascade Blended Training programme for adult educators

virtual -spitfire-Asset 173Eventsplus_icon

4 National Multiplier events

virtual -spitfire-Asset 174Conferenceplus_icon

1 Transnational Conference


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

  • Duration

    1/09/2019 – 28/02/2022

  • Budget

    266,634.00 EUR

  • Countries

    UK, France, Greece, Sweden

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Project reference number: KA204-061375
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