Urban Farming and Entrepreneurship for Adults

Overurbanization undoubtedly has led to various challenges related to the environment and economy. Yet again, the benefits and the positive impact from urban farming are numerous. Οrganic and vertical farming in and around cities can boost social, economic and environmental sustainability. Urban farming is also a unique opportunity for engaging citizens in active community participation and establishing community-based initiatives. Having in mind that urban farming requires little initial investment and installations, it can also encourage individuals in developing their small-scale businesses either from their balconies, small gardens, rooftops or even in community gardens and public parks. Along these lines, the uRBFARM project will develop a blended learning educational programme in urban farming and entrepreneurship skills tailored to low-skilled adults’ capacities, potential and needs.

uRBFARM is an innovative blended-learning program which aims to:

  • Train adults on specific skills related to setting up a farming project in urban spaces as well as on general entrepreneurship skills on how to set up an urban farming-based start-up business
  • Enhance active participation and community-building in urban areas
  • Develop an innovative adult education training programme through blended learning methods which will also increase the digital literacy skills of the participating citizens
  • Have a positive environmental impact in cities across the EU through the uptake of urban farming projects by interested citizens in the participating countries as well as through the planned awareness raising activities which aim to influence citizens’ behaviours towards a more environmentally friendly lifestyle

During its 24-month duration the uRBFARM project will produce the following results:

  • A blended-learning programme for low-skilled adult learners with four core training modules in a) organic farming, b) vertical farming, c) entrepreneurship skills and d) community-based initiatives
  • Labs for sustainability skills
  • uRBFARM Massive and Open Online Course (MOOC) on how to develop an urban farming project and potentially set up a start up a business
  • 6 info days in all partner countries, presenting the project work and targeting relevant stakeholders in the field so as to draw feedback and consultations on the training programme
  • A multilingual toolkit explaining country particularities, characteristics and challenges in developing urban farming projects in the respective partner countries

uRBFARM at a glance



adult learners though the online MOOC on urban farming (50 from each country)



adult learners through the Study Visits to selected urban farms



stakeholders through the multiplier events

Reach more than


stakeholders, through dissemination actions


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

  • Duration

    01/11/2020 – 31/10/2022

  • Budget

    278,475.00 EUR

  • Countries

    Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Austria, Italy

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Project reference number: 2020-1-DE02-KA204-007721
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