Unique’s VET Art Student Contest

Are you a VET Student? Are you passionate about artistic work?

This is your chance to create your piece of art and get awarded! It could be any form of artwork: an image, a video clip, a painting, a text, a performance or a dance!

Unique: EqUal iNclusIon of LGBTIQ stUdents in VET project is organising an VET Student Contest. This contest is about inclusiveness and non-discrimination within Vocational Education and Training institutes due to sexual orientation, gender identity and sexual characteristics. In other words, our theme is how we can make VET institutes an open and comfortable area for LGBTIQ (fellow) students.

In this sense, your submissions may not focus exclusively on sexual orientation or gender identity but they should be linked somehow with this in order to be awarded. Intersectional submissions (in which race or other discrimination grounds are combined with issues around gender and sexual inclusion), are very welcome.

All terms and conditions: Unique contest

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