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UNIQUE partnership stand in solidarity with LGBTIQ Prides

The UNIQUE partnership, consisting of 9 partners in 7 European countries, stands in solidarity with LGBTIQ* Prides in Europe and worldwide. The UNIQUE project promotes the full inclusion of all students in vocational education and training, including LGBTIQ students.

Early LGBT school-leaving is expected to be a challenge, especially in countries where tolerance towards LGBTIQ people is low. All around the world, it has been shown that LGBTIQ students are substantially more bullied and excluded than other students, and that this leads to a range of negative mental and physical consequences.

Research on students in the USA showed that LGBTIQ students missed up to three times as many lessons as their fellow students (32%) and 17% said they had to change schools because of LGBTIQ related harassment. In a 2016 study, over half (57.9%) of the LGBTIQ students who provided reasons for planning to not finish school said that unsupportive and hostile school climates were a barrier to completing high school. In Europe, our own research showed also worrying tendencies in vocational education.

This month, the UNIQUE partners visit prides events and cooperate with local prides to express their solidarity. There is great interest of LGBTIQ organizations in the developments in the vocational education sector, which has hitherto been a somewhat neglected area for policy and education to promote sensitivity for LGBTIQ issues.

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*LGBTIQ=Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex conditions, Queer