UNIQUE’s Greek National Report is out!

UNIQUE‘s National Report on the existence and levels of discrimination against LGBTIQ learners within Vocational Education and Training environment in Greece has been published!

The report reflects the perceptions, attitudes and stances of both VET Teachers/Trainers and Learners, the main groups that interact on a regular basis within VET environment and shape each other’s activity.

Symplexis organized a series of in-depth interviews with experts in the field of LGBTIQ rights while AKMI S.A. conducted two focus groups (one with VET Teachers/Trainers and another with VET Learners), an online survey and a literature review in order to present the status quo by using different parameters and sources of information.

This report presents an overview of the national legislation, including its recent amendments in favor of the legal recognition of LGBTIQ identities, as well as the current practices and attitudes that are reproduced in the Greek VET schools. It also outlines the emerging trends, as they have been represented to official EU and national documents, reports and academic papers.

Read the report [EN].

The UNIQUE project aims at reversing the perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTIQ learners in VET Sector by introducing innovative, inclusive, and gender-sensitive training materials for VET Teachers/Trainers as well as educating them in safeguarding and promoting a non-discriminatory classroom.

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