TUTOR – New project

Symplexis is a partner in the Erasmus Plus project TUTOR – Teachers’ Upskilling aiming aT a hOlistic inclusivity in leaRning.

TUTOR’s main aim is to develop a European and International outlook in teacher education on inclusivity.

More specifically, the project aims to:

  • Improve teacher education policies and practices in Europe.
  • Define a forward-looking upskilling strategy for secondary school teachers.
  • Enhance the European dimension of teacher education through innovative and practical collaboration.
  • Foster holistic inclusivity in the learning environment, covering all its aspects such as tolerance, non-discrimination, flexibility, etc.
  • Assess current and future skill mismatches in the targeted profession.

Project’s partners

The consortium consists of 11 partners’ organisations from Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Austria, Germany, and Turkey.