Tour2Include Project: the road ahead for the development of training tools for migrants’ integration in tourism-related sectors!

Tour2Include — Press Release

On the 3rd of February 2021, Tour2Include Partners gathered together to discuss the current implementation of the project and the next steps regarding the development of training tools for migrants’ integration in tourism-related sectors.

During the session, Partners had very fruitful exchange of views addressing the theoretical framework of the training; the background analysis of targets’ needs; the methodology to follow.

Migrants needs have been broken down in three main categories:

  • General Soft Skills: Self-confidence, Ability to solve problems, Oral and written communication, Time management, Ability to work in teams, Autonomy and flexibility, Willingness to learn.
  • Intercultural Soft Skills: Understanding the code of conduct and manners generally accepted in different societies and environments, Awareness and respect of basic rights of individuals and groups.
  • Tourism-related Professional Skills: Good understanding and speaking of the local language, Knowledge of the local territory, Basic Computer and Digital Skills, Basic knowledge of main hygiene and alimentary norms.

On the basis of that, under the guidance of the Greek partner AKMI, Partners will focus their efforts in the development of 5 training modules, which consist in: General Soft Skills, Intercultural Skills, Communication Skills, Tourism-related Skills & Digital Skills (Basic Applications of Computer and Web Literacy).

Each module is designed in further sub-units (i.e. didactic units), each of which focusing on a specific segment of the topic. Partners reviewed the Learning Outcomes expected from each training module, assuring their consistency with targets’ needs and their legitimacy in consideration of the overall scope of the project.

The training toolkit will be complemented by a glossary section for a quick and intuitive understanding of key concepts.

In the context of this Intellectual Output, Symplexis, Greece will develop Module 1, focusing on General Soft Skills, aiming to enhance migrants’ soft skills and competencies, which are needed in today’s tourism sector market.

For more information about the project, please visit where you can also access all national reports and the transnational report focusing on the special training needs of migrants and the soft/intercultural skills that are essential in tourism sector. A short description about the project is available on

Read our press release in pdf format here (EN)