The Shanarani Youth-led Project

Shanarani has its origins in the indigenous people of Purépecha, in Mexico which is a term valid for both girls and boys. This newly awarded project is aimed at preventing and combatting discrimination, and social exclusion due to gender identity by developing educational tools that will help youth workers and other relevant professionals to build their knowledge and build their skills against gender stereotyping.

During its 24-month duration the SYP project will:

  1. Design a youth-led curriculum based on film and theatre targeting youth workers and other professionals working with young people at risk of gender-based discrimination.
  2. Pilot the developed educational curriculum with 30 youth workers per country (150 in total), and 30 young people per country (150 in total)
  3. Design an online platform and an e-game targeting young people and their families, aiming to increase their resilience against gender stereotypes.
  4. Pilot the online platform/ game with 100 young people and 100 youth workers and other professionals.
  5. Transform the online game and platform into a mobile application.
  6. An e-book in all participating languages which will contain all learning, feedback and findings from the project implementation

SYP at a glance

  • 1 Youth-led curriculum development on upskilling youth workers towards integrating activities that combat gender-based discrimination and stereotyping in their work
  • 4 National Events
  • 1 International Event
  • 150 young persons involved
  • 150 youth workers involved
  • online platform and a Shanarani game
  • mobile application: Shanarani – Youth led app
  • 20.000 people reached by dissemination activities
  • 220 stakeholders reached directly via multiplier events


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Youth

  • Duration

    1/06/2020 – 31/05/2022

  • Budget

    195,910.00 EUR

  • Countries

    United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Romania, Greece

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Project reference number: 2020‐1‐UK01‐KA205‐078035
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