Fostering whole institution approach to sustainability in HE through systems thinking

Τhe project

The Sust-HEIn project aims at boosting the transition of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Spain to green, sustainable institutions, by fostering a whole-institution approach to sustainability through systems thinking.

More specifically Sust-HEIn aims at:

  1. enhancing the implementation of whole-institution sustainability policy in HE using systems thinking,
  2. implementing innovative approaches to teaching on sustainability,
  3. enhancing the skills and competences of educators, staff and students to engage in sustainability activities, processes, especially fostering the inclusion of vulnerable groups,
  4. strengthening cooperation of HEIs with local communities and other partners in developing and implementing local sustainability initiatives for the inclusion of vulnerable groups,
  5. promoting the adoption of national guidelines for sector wide sustainable transition of higher education,
  6. promoting the establishment at EU level of common principles and guidance on HE whole-institution approaches for sustainability.


The objectives will be achieved through the implementation of the following clusters of activities:

  • mapping and review of the state of the art of the institutional sustainability self-assessment and integration of systems thinking,
  • development of whole-system sustainability model,
  • piloting of a whole-system sustainability model,
  • promotion of national guidelines and common principles on sustainable transition of higher education at EU level.

Expected results

Over 40.000 persons (HEIs students, academic & administrative staff, policy-makers, local actors and communities) are expected to benefit from the project, by increasing their skills on systems thinking and sustainability, by being involved in local community sustainability for the inclusion of vulnerable groups and by raising their awareness on the sustainable transition of Higher Education.

During the capacity building program for educational leaders the following actions will be implemented:

  • 1 ‘Training-of-trainers’ seminar with 8 HEIs leadership staff trained,
  • 4 national seminars with 40-60 HEIs leadership staff trained,
  • 1 online professional development program for administrative staff and for educational/academic staff with at least 30% of the administrative staff, and 50% of the educational staff per HEI trained – total of ~1.000 persons
  • 2 curricula reviews initiated,
  • 2 digital innovative approaches introduced to at least 2 curricula.


  • Funding programme


  • Duration

    01/01/2023 - 31/12/2026

  • Budget

    729,028.00 EUR

  • Countries

    Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain, Ireland

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Project reference number: 101086809


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