RIDE — Reach Inclusion through Digital Empowerment for migrant women

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What’s the issue?

The gender perspective is key in designing measures and policies aimed at integrating migrants and refugees into the host society. Due to the lack of information, the existing policies and structures force migrants and refugees, especially women, into isolation and dependence. Migrant and refugee women face particular challenges in accessing jobs, from sexism to dependent care. Refugee and migrant women have a high potential to lead the dialogue and address the social and economic challenge they face. But these voices have limited platforms to be heard.

About the project

The RIDE project aims at including migrant and refugee women into the digital labour market giving them the possibility to re-skilling or upskilling in the digital sector by specially designed courses and trainings enabling them to start working.

Target groups

  • Migrant women
  • HR managers/employers
  • Career guidance professionals
  • Teachers/trainers in charge of guidance support
  • Trade unions
  • Local, national, and European policy-makers


The project seeks to include migrant women into the digital labour market, enhancing the chance for them to provide an income for their families while doing a fulfilling job and feel more included into the host society, by achieving the following objectives:

  • Developing a booklet of guidelines to implement the entire process: bootcamps, training offers, labour market info days and meeting with private companies and social businesses.
  • Recruiting participants trough national Info Days;
  • Individual coaching and group sessions on social inclusion and women’ rights and labour market integration in the host country;
  • Specific job-related preparation through ICT trainings;
  • Contacting and meeting local and international private and social companies through local Job Placement Fairs.
  • An internship and/or job placement offer


The project aims to produce:

  • 1 Booklet of Guidelines
  • 6 Info Days
  • 400 hours mentorship and coaching per country
  • 60 participants taking part in the Cisco Training or The Code to Change training
  • 1 interactive crowdmap
  • 30 companies onboarded as external supporting partners
  • 6 Job Placement Fairs
  • 1 Main Final Event


The Consortium is composed by 9 local and international organizations working with migrant related issues since several years.

This project is funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).