pRovidE Social paThways fOr Roma pEople-RESTORE

The RESTORE project comes to underline the need of fostering civic engagement of Roma adults in their local communities, bringing them closer to EU values and ideas of union and diversity. RESTORE will address the following needs: (a) the lack of Roma’s civic engagement into their local communities, (b) the difficulty of Roma adults to be provided with upskilling pathways, (c) the discrimination barriers of local communities towards Roma minorities, (d) the gap of low-skilled adult trainers concerning the provision of tailored-made civic training and (e) the lack of appropriate knowledge regarding the civic educational models that are existing in the EU that can be related to a notable increase of civic engagement of Roma. 

RESTORE will focus on the formulation of a holistic training methodology, from the identification of civic educational models already existing in the EU to the delivery of policy recommendations and proper enhancements of them.

Within this context, the main objectives of the RESTORE project are:

  • to foster the democratic participation of at least 75 Roma adults (15 per country) into their local communities.
  • to motivate at least 75 Roma adults (15 per country) to learn about their rights and responsibilities into their own country of residence.
  • to provide Roma adults with the appropriate upskilling pathways related to civic education.
  • to offer to local communities at least 15 policy recommendations on how to launch a holistic civic engagement inclusive approach related to Roma’s democratisation and local participation.
  • to connect at least 10 European Organisations Roma adults, through the formulation of a training programme related to civic engagement and democratic participation.

During its 24-month lifetime, RESTORE will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


Roma adult learners with disadvantaged background will be trained efficiently

At least


Roma adult learners (15 per country) will be trained in civic engagement

At least


Role Models per country will join the mutual effort

At least


Adult teachers will collaborate

At least


Roma learners will use the RESTORE methodology in future

RESTORE at a glance:

  • Introduction of an Interactive map, which will cover issues related to unity, diversity and cultural heritage, inspiring the target group to get to know the European values. 
  • Incorporation of Role models, who will teach Roma adults on how to be adapted in the local environment and help them in the democratisation process. 
  • The creation of a holistic OER training programme for Roma adults, covering issues related to self-awareness, dialogue and reflection etc.
  • The formulation and delivery of a mobile app connected to the OER programme for Roma adults, making it accessible 24 hours a day. 
  • The identification of civic educational models, which will guide them into choosing how the training programme will be better served to Roma adults. 
  • The delivery of a support repository which will cover civic learning practices and offer extra training resources.
  • The evaluation of the training programme, resulted in a holistic report of policy recommendations related to the best civic engagement approach towards Roma adults.
  • 2 Pilot trainings/testing
  • 5 National Events


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 - Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

  • Duration

    01/11/2021 – 01/11/2023

  • Budget

    283,652.00 EUR

  • Countries

    Germany, Austria, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia

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Project reference number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000029489


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