Raising the digital literacy of professionals to address inequalities and exclusion of LGBTQI community

Τhe project

The project aims to equip professionals in Europe with the necessary resources as to be able to cope with the online technologies and social distancing to better serve the excluded LGBTQI population as a result of the new situation that emerged from COVID-19 crisis.

The objectives are to

  1. Support professionals, relief aid officers, social workers, mental health, health care providers on how to better include intersectionality and LGBTQI perspectives in their activities
  2. Enhance their acquisition of digital competences and enable to incorporate in their work do delivery high quality and inclusive support in order to meet the needs of LGBTQI beneficiaries
  3. Create an incentive for VET, adult education, professionals, and stakeholders to adopt the project approach after project closure
  4. Strengthen transnational learning and cooperation’s networks of institutions, CSO’s, public bodies/services, community centers, helplines, professionals and foster social
  5. inclusion and equality, ensuring that LGBTQI people is included in all health, humanitarian and economic relief efforts
  6. Raise awareness of medical and mental health inequalities faced by the LGBTQI community

The target group

  1. Professionals supporting LGBTQI such as youth workers, community mediators, humanitarians’ officers, health care providers, medical personnel, mental health professionals, social workers, helplines officers, counselors, and volunteers etc.
  2. LGBTQI people will be the secondary target group and the end beneficiaries of the project activities.

Project Outputs

Vocational Education and Training programme for 100 professionals in order to:

  1. improve their knowledge in LGBTQI medical and mental health issues and under the lens of intersectionality
  2. acquire the appropriate digal competences for providing support in social distancing context
  3. contribute to the elimination of biases and stereotypes for sexual and gender minorities and ensure that LGBTQI people is included in all health, humanitarian and economic relief efforts.

An e-learning platform in order to:

  1. facilitate the VET programme for practitioners
  2. raise awareness about the project & disseminate all project material
  3. motivate professionals and VET providers to use the project’s products.

During its 24-month lifetime, RAINBO will directly positively impact about 100 professionals.

The project will also organize 5 open days in the participating countries (UK, Greece, Portugal, Luxemburg, and Netherlands) for the promotion of the project and its results. In addition, an international conference will be organized, in the UK to present the project and its outputs to interested stakeholders.

Three online workshops for VET and adult education providers will be organized in the participating countries, Greece, Portugal, and Luxemburg.


  • Funding programme

    Erasmus+ / Key Action 2 (KA226) - Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness

  • Duration

    1/6/2021 – 31/5/2023

  • Budget

    228,460.00 EUR

  • Countries

    United Kingdom, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Netherlands

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Project reference number: 2020-1-UK01-KA226-VET-094572
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