PROTECT’s 2nd Transnational Project Meeting in Greece 

The PROTECT partners had the chance to meet again in person at the end of April, this time in Pireaus, Greece, for the project’s 2nd Transnational Project Meeting!

After the completion of the project’s “Common Report” and “Mobbing and Workplace Harassment Code of Conduct for local businesses” the partners are now fine-tuning the project’s website and are finalizing the “Online Reporting Tool for female workers about mobbing and workplace harassment” that is expected to be a valuable template-tool especially for small-medium companies that want to create a healthy, safe working environment for all – especially for women employees.

During the meeting, the partners also discussed in detail about the forthcoming “E-Handbook for Mobbing and Harassment Prevention Training for VET professionals” and set the basis for the “Training of VET professionals” and the “Capacity Building for Managers/ Employers” that will be organized in autumn 2023.

Protect is a 2-year Erasmus Plus project involving 8 partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Belgium and Romania, whose aim is to collaborate with employees and employers and generate discussions, new research and methodologies in order to promote a more inclusive, attractive, and ultimately equal labor market across Europe for women.