MONEY MATTERS — Press Release


Money Matters announces upcoming training sessions as all project outputs are being developed according to schedule.

The Financial Literacy Induction Training for Parents is soon heading towards its completion and Train the Trainer Programme and Digital Resource toolkit are starting to take form.

Anyone interested in participating in these upcoming training sessions is encouraged to contact the money matters partners and ask for more details.

Money Matters partners are pleased to announce that the Financial Literacy Induction Training for Parents is very soon heading towards completion and that the Train-the-Trainer Programme for Adult Educators and Money Matters Digital Resource Toolkit are currently being developed.

As far as the Induction Training is concerned, all 6 modules have almost been completed and lesson plans, presentations and activity sheets that facilitate learning have been created to enhance the parents’ learning, facilitated by the adult educators.  The Train-the-Trainer Programme will now be developed based on the Induction Training deliverables produced to ensure consistency and efficiency. What is more, adequate research has been conducted for the digital resources, thus both comic strips and escape rooms designs are to be launched in the coming months.

As a result of the smooth implementation of the project so far, we will be developing the Train-the-Trainer sessions aimed at Adult Educators, which will be tested in each partner country (UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece) in April 2022.  If you or your organization are interested in being part of this free training opportunity, please contact You can also contact Mary on the address above to join our mailing list so that future newsletters will be sent to you directly.

Therefore, any educators or people interested in our project are strongly encouraged to contribute in its development by participating in our upcoming training sessions, joining our mailing list and providing their feedback on our resources using the above email address. Your contribution to the program is invaluable to the Money Matters project partners, because we strongly believe that people’s educational needs can best be covered when participants themselves provide their input and feedback aiming to further improve the project’s outcomes. Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook @MoneyMattersEducation to stay up-to-date with the project’s news, activities, progress and announcements.

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