MONEY MATTERS — Press Release #2


Money Matters announces the completion of the design of the visual representation for the characters for the monthly comic strips and the creation of the badges for the Train the Trainer Programme.

Money Matters partners have also ensured they all have a common understanding of the target group of the project and the educational approaches that they would like to encourage.

Training sessions are currently planned for APRIL 2022 and everyone who would like to participate is encouraged to contact the money matters partners to ask for more details.

Money Matters partners are pleased to announce that the visual representation of the characters for the monthly comic strips has been completed.  Our Owl, Fox, Grasshopper, Bee, and Unicorn will be part of stories which will be both educational and fun for parents and kids. The comic strips scenarios have been finalised, so the production of the graphics of the comic strips has already begun. We expect to have all the strips ready by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

We really hope you will like them!

What is more, we are pleased to announce the creation of the badges for the Train the Trainer Programme, which will legitimise and authenticate their learning outcomes and provide an even more dynamic approach to learning as they will be used as micro-credentials for the adult educators, validating the skills gained.

In addition, we, the Money Matters partners, had a great meeting last week, which allowed us to work in groups having fun, but also experiencing the educational approaches we want to inspire to trainers and families who will be part of the project in the future. We also made sure we have a common understanding of which our target groups are so that we can more efficiently customize our material and approaches to their specific needs.

Regarding the Financial Literacy Induction Training for Parents and the Train-the-Trainer Programme for Adult Educators, both are currently being finalised and the Money Matters Digital Resource Toolkit is a work in progress, which is intended to be completed early next year, maybe even before the dates initially planned as we are currently working on the structure and design of both escape rooms and the mobile application. 

As a result of the smooth implementation of the project so far, we would like to once again remind everyone that we will be developing the Train-the-Trainer sessions aimed at Adult Educators, which will be tested in each partner country (UK, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Greece) in April 2022.  If you or your organisation are interested in being part of this free training opportunity or would like to join our mailing list so that future newsletters will be sent to you directly, please contact Mary using 

Visit our website at and follow us on Facebook @MoneyMattersEducation to stay up-to-date with the project’s news, activities, progress and announcements. 

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