Fostering Migrants Employment in The constRUction SecTor

MiTRUST aims to develop and deliver an innovative digital tool with the intention to support migrants who would like to work in the Construction Sector to acquire the necessary language competences, soft skills, and proper behaviours in the construction site. The project focuses on targeted open and distance learning opportunities which will offer better career perspectives to migrants who want to be transferred to an EU country and to enter the construction industry labour market away from social exclusion and marginalisation. Additionally, access to learning offerings and enhancement of employability is one of the most efficient ways for migrants’ successful Integration into the recipient EU societies.

MITRUST has set the following objectives:

  • To identify the specialties within the construction sector where migrant construction workers are mostly needed 
  • To support migrants to enhance their foreign language competences, soft skills and behaviours for increasing their job opportunities in the construction industry
  • To help migrants to have access to online learning language materials and be able to personalise the virtual learning environment
  • To develop distance training programmes and materials targeted to the needs of migrants and their tutors 
  • To create digital learning tools and multimedia online materials in order to enhance their access in vocational education and training
  • To improve social inclusion and integration circumstances for migrant’s incorporation into labour market through digital education and open learning
  • To increase migrants’ employability in the construction sector and enhance their integration into EU societies

During its 24-month lifetime, MITRUST will produce the following results:

  • A linguistic support e – tool with construction-relative terminology (glossary)
  • The development of new “Soft Skills” curricula, targeted to the needs of migrants in the sector of constructions
  • The development of a knowledge database, namely “ConstructionPedia” with multimedia training material for migrant construction workers
  • A self-assessment tool which will be used by migrants themselves as a method to evaluate their current language competences, soft skills and competences demanded in the construction sector.
  • Creation of a new innovative Open Educational Resources platform (e – platform)  in a modular approach with high interactivity in the form of an integrated Software available in all partner languages
  • At least 11 VET teachers / trainers / staff are going to be trained in the use of new e-learning platform and digital tools for migrants in construction industry 
  • At least 60 migrants are going to be trained on the use of the training materials developed through this project 
  • More than 40 companies will receive information about the useful tools developed through this project
  • At least 100 users are going to exploit and take advantage of MiTRUST e-learning platform and digital tools 
  • Around 200 VET teachers/tutors are going to reach out through partners channels, dissemination activities and multiplier events.

MITRUST at a glance:

  • 4 national reports and one transnational report on construction market demands and current needs.
  • Realisation of online surveys targeting professionals (10 per country) 
  • Realisation of online surveys targeting migrants (10 per country) 
  • Realisation of focus group discussions with professionals (5 persons per country)
  • Realisation of focus group discussions migrants (5 persons per country)
  • One joint staff training
  • 1 Project website
  • 4 Multiplier events with the participation of at least 200 200 VET providers/tutors/stakeholders/companies


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 - Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training

  • Duration

    01/11/2022– 31/10/2023

  • Budget

    254,068.00 EUR

  • Countries

    Germany, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey

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Project reference number: 2021-1-DE02-KA220-VET-000035643


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