Let’s celebrate Intersex Awareness Day 2020!

Intersex Awareness Day
In times of crisis and pandemic, all people around the globe struggle to cope with fear, stress and worry. But can you imagine struggling for the whole of your life from the time you were born? Intersex people don’t just imagine it, but actually experience it and face multiple discrimination in all walks of life.

Today, 26th October, Intersex Awareness Day 2020, we are here to remind to everyone that awareness on intersex rights should last all year round. This is exactly what the EU-funded project (REC programme 2014–2020) BRING-In is all about, which among other is committed to raising public awareness and advocating for the need to act upon the human rights violations that intersex people face.

Let’s celebrate Intersex Awareness Day 2020! Respect, embrace and celebrate uniqueness!

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