INGAME — Greek national report

INGAME National report image
Dear friends and colleagues,
our team has been very productive lately with all sorts of promising initiatives and projects that employ creative gaming as an education tool able to promote equal rights, humanity and equality within Europe and beyond. In this respect, we are delighted to present you the national report that has been prepared in the context of the “INGAME: Gaming for Social Inclusion and Civic Participation – A holistic approach for a cultural shift in education and policy” project, funded by the EC (ERASMUS+ KA3 programme). There are some interesting findings there, both from the primary and secondary research with youth, educators, social scientists and other key stakeholders, so we invite you to take a moment and check the following link.
Special thanks from the Symplexis research team to our colleagues from the Educational Association Anatolia for the excellent collaboration we have had in conducting the primary research in Greece and concluding this report. Their help has been really valuable!
Hang around for the next steps!