Game to EMbrase INterculural education

The purpose of the project “Game to EMbrace INtercultural education” – GEM IN is to support intercultural education at school and in non-formal youth environments as vehicle to foster social inclusion, cross-cultural dialogue and active citizenship by promoting European values. At the same time, the project intends to provide inputs and policy recommendations for intervention strategies to promote intercultural education and active citizenship through an innovative educational framework.

The GEM IN project aims at scaling up a set of results and approaches developed in the framework of its predecessor: the Game for EuroMed – GEM project. To that end, its rationale is based on the use of a board game and of a series of tested tools, practices and methodologies able to reach out and to motivate disadvantaged learners to learn about EU common promoting a sense of belonging among the young people and students, also reaching out to those at risk of social exclusion and early school leaving. Within this process, meticulous upscaling and exploitation, policy impact and follow up interventions will take place in the 6 targeted EU countries.

During its 24-month lifetime, GEM IN will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


teachers and non-formal educators trained

At least


young people aged 14-18 reached

At least


people sensitized through the dissemination activities

An impact study on educational approach, results of relevant good practices and context analysis

1 4-day international workshop for staff trainers

1 pedagogical kit and common values archive

1 training programme for teachers and non-formal educators

6 National Stakeholder Advisory Committees

1 peer-to-peer training programme

6 GEM IN Alliances

Roundtables with policymakers and headmasters

1 Education Stakeholders and Policy Makers database

1 Operational pack (Road Map) for Educational Stakeholders and Policy Makers

A GEM IN Label

A Policy recommendations paper

3 Newsletters

Brochures and other info material

1 Final International Seminar


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA3 Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education and training

  • Duration

    1/12/2019 – 30/11/2021

  • Budget

    489.017 EUR

  • Countries

    Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Greece, France, Portugal

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