ENHAGA Game: Let’s play!

ENHAGA project aims to develop and implement innovative practices to eliminate cyber harassment for female gamers, but one of the overall objectives of the ENHAGA project is to break the gender bias and stereotypes in gaming attitudes, according to which boys tend to spend much more time playing video games than girls and girls show less degree of participation in gaming than boys.

Οne of the outputs of the project is the ENHAGA game. The game aims to educate young girls on what cyber sexual harassment is and how to react to cases and further report incidents.

The ENHAGA game is a single player game which includes engaging activities that encourage players to identify cyber sexual harassment and respond to it. Players can learn what cyber sexual harassment is, how different games and platforms take actions against it and how users can use these features to protect themselves.

Let’s play!

For the ENHAGA game, two plugins were developed in order to help game developers to add anti-harassment functionalities to their online games: the ENHAGA chat and the ENHAGA chat filter.


The ENHAGA Chat is a text chat system that utilizes Matrix, an open standard for interoperable, decentralized, real-time communication. It is an open-source alternative to centralized communication platforms such as Messenger and Viber, where users do not have to connect to a centralized server for their communication, but they can create and run their own server called a homeserver.

ENHAGA Text Filter

Although various applications for filtering text are widely available, it is often difficult and time consuming to integrate them into online games. The ENHAGA text filter plugin is a web-based, easy-to-use tool that runs alongside the game and filters inappropriate text. It provides profanity censorship and toxic text prediction.  It can be used as a standalone application that game developers can run together with the game and use it to filter text coming from their user.