DIsmissal & unfavourable treatment of WOmen in Greek Workplace: Adopting an INtegrated and SystEmic approach of intervention

The overall objective of the DIONE project is to address current and emerging challenges in terms of dismissal of women during and after pregnancy as well as unfavourable treatment due to parenthood leave, by establishing a virtual one-stop-shop, supporting not only women, victims of discriminatory approach, but also competent public authorities & other labour market actors. The project’s specific objectives involve: a) supporting public authorities in tackling discriminatory behaviours in the labour market; b) informing women & employers/HR professionals about rights & obligations; c) supporting victims of discrimination in pursuing their rights.

Towards that goal, the DIONE project will;

  • Decrease discriminatory practices against women due to pregnancy/parenthood;
  • Promote better enforcement of EU & national legal framework against dismissal & unfavourable treatment due to pregnancy/parenthood;
  • Increase knowledge of parents about their rights;
  • Increase capacities of public authorities regulating the labour market, HR professionals & social stakeholders.

During its 24-month lifetime, DIONE will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


better informed and supported women

At least


better capacitated professionals /civil servants in employment offices and labour inspectorates

At least


sensitised private labour market stakeholders

DIONE at a glance:

dione-Asset 86Manualplus_icon

1 manual on the rights of parents

dione-Asset 87Reportsplus_icon

1 report on labour market practices & 1 evaluation of the Greek legal & regulatory framework

dione-Asset 88Online platformplus_icon

1 online interactive platform

dione-Asset 89Training curriculaplus_icon

3 training curricula

dione-Asset 90Policy recommendationsplus_icon

Policy recommendations

dione-Asset 91Exhibitionsplus_icon

20 exhibitions

dione-Asset 92Info-daysplus_icon

20 info-days

dione-Asset 93Roundtablesplus_icon

3 roundtables

dione-Asset 94Conferenceplus_icon

1 international conference

dione-Asset 95Social mediaplus_icon

1 social media campaign


  • Funding programme

    Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014 – 2020

  • Duration

    1/2/2019 – 31/1/2021

  • Budget

    183,072.72 EUR

  • Countries


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Project reference number: 831636

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