Covid-19 pandemic and LGBTQI+ people in Greece

RAINBO report

Symplexis (researcher Thanasis Theofilopoulos) together with our partner in Greece Universal Training (researcher Victoria Topalidi) conducted a research in order to identify the multiple challenges and inequalities LGBTQI+ people have faced in Greece during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as to assess the training needs of professionals/support services providers working in the field and collect best practices and initiatives implemented in the country.

The research was conducted in the framework of the Erasmus+ “RAINBO – Raising the Digital Literacy of Professionals to Address Inequalities and Exclusion of LGBTQI+ Community” project whose main aim is to build the capacity of support services providers in order to be able to provide their services remotely during a time of crisis (like the Covid-19 pandemic) while responding efficiently to the needs of LGBTQI+ people.