Children First

Addressing Gender Based Violence from the bottom up

Children First is an innovative initiative that aims to combat gender-based violence in teen relationships by addressing deep rooted stereotypes and norms that fuel dating violence. By targeting the formal education system in 5 EU countries, this project will deliver a positive impact on two fronts:

  • Strengthening teacher and educators ‘existing capacity and understanding on how to identify and tackle gender-based dating violence.
  • Improving the understanding and increasing awareness among children and youth about the underlying social and cultural norms that reinforce gender stereotypes so as to eliminate dating violence.

During its 24month lifetime, Children First will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


children & youth in 5 EU countries

At least


teachers and educators

At least


stakeholders, professionals and specialised NGOs

Children First at a glance:

children-first-Asset 51Reportsplus_icon

10 national & 2 comparative research reports

children-first-Asset 52Training programmeplus_icon

1 training programme

children-first-Asset 53Trainingsplus_icon

5 national Youth Advisory Board trainings

children-first-Asset 541 e-Gameplus_icon

1 e-game with a toolkit

children-first-Asset 55Campaignsplus_icon

5 national youth-led campaigns

children-first-Asset 56Roundtablesplus_icon

2 roundtables

children-first-Asset 57Conferencesplus_icon

2 conferences

children-first-Asset 58Public contestplus_icon

1 public contest

children-first-Asset 59Info daysplus_icon

5 info days

children-first-Asset 60Info materialplus_icon

Targeted info material

children-first-Asset 61Social mediaplus_icon

3 social media accounts

children-first-Asset 62Websiteplus_icon

1 website

children-first-Asset 63Networkplus_icon

1 international network


  • Funding programme

    Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014 - 2020

  • Duration

    1/9/2019 – 31/8/2021

  • Budget

    414,585.52 EUR

  • Countries

    UK, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Lithuania

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Project reference number: REC-RDAP-GBV-AG-2018

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