Coding for Migrant Women Returners

The problem

The problem identified is the lack of skills, competencies, and knowledge in coding and robotics for community development workers and adult educators.

Formal education and the national curriculum has failed to materialize coding skills and for many adults, it did not even exist when they were of school age.

Those skills are in demand by employers, who are putting more and more pressure on educational providers to adapt to the digital age and help their learners build transferable skills in order to respond to labour market needs.

Τhe project

The project C4MWR aims to support those who work in adult education and community development work and provide services to migrant women who are potential returners into the labour market by acquiring and developing skills in Coding, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

The objectives are

  • To set up a continuous professional development course (CPD) with a Learning Outcome Matrix for community development workers and adult educators working with migrant women.
  • To devise a Methodology for the non-formal implementation of Coding for (Migrant) Women Returners to work.
  • To identify good initiatives and programs throughout Europe
  • To create a set of e-Learning and video tutorials
  • To create a set of resources for migrant women
  • To enlarge on an implementation strategy for municipalities, regions, adult education, and other key stakeholders.

The target groups (all lacking knowledge and competence in coding)

  • Migrant women returners to work
  • Adult educators
  • Community development workers
  • Team leaders

Project Outputs

  • A training curriculum and workshops to Coding, A.I. and Robotics
  • A set of resources for adult educators on how to stimulate interest in coding
  • A methodology and Implementation strategy that promotes cross-sectoral dialogue in the community, in terms of supporting the training of staff, managers, and educators at a local and regional level.

During its 36-month lifetime, C4MWR will directly and indirectly positively impact

At least


community development workers and adult educators per partner country

At least


50 migrant women returners per partner country

At least


stakeholders per partner country


  • Funding programme

    KA204 - Strategic Partnerships for adult education

  • Duration

    1/9/2020 – 31/8/2023

  • Budget

    209,735.00 EUR

  • Countries

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Project reference number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079231
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