Building professional capacity to combat discrimination against and better meet the needs of Intersex Persons

BRING-In is a ground breaking initiative that aims at enhancing the visibility of Intersex People, as well as at promoting Intersex Equality in Greece, Hungary, UK and Bulgaria by educating social and healthcare professionals on how to recognise, prevent and combat Intersex Discrimination, while raising public awareness and advocating for the need to act upon the human rights violations that intersex people face.

This will be achieved by:

  • Increasing the evidence base about the current situation of intersex people in 4 EU countries and thus the ability to inform and influence policy;
  • Improving the capacity to prevent and combat intersex discrimination in the social and healthcare sector through increased knowledge and understanding among professionals about the needs of intersex people;
  • Increasing the availability of Online Learning Resources on intersex equality that professionals, stakeholders and policy makers can draw upon;
  • Increasing awareness of professionals, policy makers and the public about intersex equality and the human rights violations intersex people face.

During its 24month lifetime, BRING-In will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


intersex people and/or their families in 4 EU countries

At least


social and health care professionals and intersex rights defenders

At least


public and private stakeholders, policy makers and human rights representatives

BRING-In at a glance

4 national & 1 transnational state-of-the-art and training needs assessment reports

A training curriculum on Intersex Rights for social and health care professionals

1 Training the Trainers programme

An Online Learning Resource Platform on Intersex Equality

4 national trainings programmes for 30 social and 30 health professionals in each country

5 Policy Briefs

40 Advocacy Meetings

1 conference

4 info days

Targeted information material

A social media campaign on intersex equality

1 project website

Rights Equality and Citizenship


  • Funding programme

    Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme 2014 - 2020

  • Duration

    1/3/2020 – 28/2/2022

  • Budget

    311,174.19 EUR

  • Countries

    Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, UK

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