BEST FRIENDS against Ageism

Intergenerational workshops between old people and children to break the isolation of elderly people and support their social inclusion

The BEST FRIENDS project aims to address the isolation of elderly people by developing an innovative curriculum and online games that promote intergenerational communication and learning. The project seeks to address the negative attitudes against elderly people and “Ageism” which are increasingly becoming a significant challenge of modern eras. In common words, let’s build on ‘intergenerational solidarity’, which is becoming all the more important in these periods.

Within this context, the main objectives of the BEST FRIENDS project are:

  • To provide an innovative method for social workers, volunteers, and educators working with elderly people.
  • To break the isolation of elderly people through social participation and inclusion in EU communities.
  • To improve the physical and mental health of older people through interaction with young children.
  • To enrich the learning processes of elderly people through their interaction with young children.

During its 24-month lifetime, Best Friends will directly and indirectly positively impact:

At least


elderly people benefitting from positive interaction with younger people

At least


care /social workers, volunteers, and educators trained

At least


early childhood educators and young children

BEST FRIENDS at a glance

  • Comparative Research and Assessment of Current Needs of Care workers and Elderly People
  • Autobiographical Life Stories Videos
  • BEST FRIENDS Intergenerational Learning Training Programme and pilot workshops
  • 1 joint staff training event
  • Toolkit for Intergenerational Learning Activities and Social Participation
  • Intergenerational learning pilot programmes
  • 6 National Events


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ KA2 – Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education

  • Duration

    31/12/2020 – 30/12/2022

  • Budget

    210,189.00 EUR

  • Countries

    United Kingdom, Latvia, France, Austria, Italy, Greece

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Project reference number: 2020-1-UK01-KA204-079111
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