Protecting and promoting human rights

Respect for fundamental rights within and outside the EU is key to the work of Symplexis and a main driving force of our people.

Promoting social and economic inclusion

Our team’s main objective is to reduce poverty and promote the social and economic integration of those most in need, focusing on marginalized groups and especially third country nationals who seek a better future within the EU.

Upskilling, capacity building and empowerment of vulnerable groups

We strongly believe that learning is not only a lifelong process, but also a fundamental right of every person, regardless of sex, age, gender, ethnicity/race, religion, sexual orientation or any other social or personal characteristics.

Advance child and youth development

Our work in this area is committed to the psychological, physical and social development of children and youth, in an effort to build both personal and community resilience and address youth unemployment through long-term development-oriented processes that help reduce youth poverty, promote child protection and stimulate social inclusion and development.

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