ACTION kick-off meeting in Porto Vecchio, Corsica

The time has come to take ACTION for climate change!
We are very excited to be part of the powerful EU Erasmus+ project ACTION – Empowering Educators and Community Leaders to Act on Climate Change!

ACTION’s main objectives will be:

  • To develop a culture of sustainability, creating the background so organizations can define and implement suitable action plans to act on climate change education
  • To up-skill educators and community leaders with competencies that will have the required impact on how climate change can be taught and integrated into targeted VET sectors (i.e. tourism, health, and energy), but also in community-based actions
  • To provide a set of innovative and cutting-edge training curriculum and educational resources available in digital and open media, to empower educators, community leaders, learners and citizens
  • To boost European dimension and cooperation, through the participation of 9 countries representing various regions who are experiencing climate change impact
  • To engage associated partners, experts, and key stakeholders in the development, validation, dissemination and mainstreaming of actions, through the local networking and multiplier events.

The ACTION kick-off meeting took place on the 29th and 30th October in Porto Vecchio, Corsica and brought together an excellent team of experts in sustainability, VET and social innovation, and also set up the first goals and activities of the project. Partners include the leader CCSC (France), AEVA (Portugal), CEDRU (Portugal), CSI (Cyprus), CWEP (Poland), EGS (UK), GOI (Turkey), INFODEF (Spain), MEATH (Ireland) and Symplexis (Greece).

It’s time for ACTION!!!