ACE Culture

Active Citizens Exploring Culture

The Project ‘Active Citizens Exploring Culture – ACE Culture’ has the objective of improving the competences of (1) educators and (2) cultural professionals (field workers: archivists, artists, personnel of museums and heritage sites), in order to strengthen adult education in Community Learning Environments and promote inclusion in targeted local communities. In parallel, it aims at encouraging members of the public to get engaged and participate as Arts and Cultural Mediators for their local community, through a newly developed online portal, which will contain a selection of apps, programs and toolkits. By this way, adults will be able to become Cultural Mediators for their community, while also being able to explore, document and display local art works and cultural assets.

The main anticipated project results involve

  1. A ‘Methodology Handbook and Implementation Plan’ about cultural entrepreneurship, targeting adult educators and decision makers in local communities.
  2. A ‘Curriculum and Training Material’ for a continuous professional development course (Training the Trainer/ ToT) for adult educators supporting mentors, coaches, educators, decision makers and stakeholders.
  3. Two sets of ‘Online Toolkits’ for cultural field workers and cultural mediators, respectively.
  4. A ‘Community Curation Platform’, where cultural mediators will be able to share media artefacts and stories created and curated by members of the local community.

ACE at a glance

  • 48 local working groups (8/country) to be set up from adult educators & community professionals for external evaluation of project products
  • 50 adult educators to be involved in training pilot trials (10/ country)
  • 250 front-line workers to be involved in training pilot trials (50/ country)
  • 50 of the about workers – individuals facing economic, social or educational difficulties – to be supported during their pilot training.
  • 12 adult educators (2/partner) to participate in short-term joint staff training events.
  • 180 stakeholders (30/country) to participate in 5 multiplier events (education providers, schools, community organisations, university staff, NGOs, public bodies and policy makers are welcome).
  • 1 dedicated project website with information about the partnership and the project results to be created.
  • 4 transnational project meetings to be realised.
  • 10.000 professionals of the cultural industry to be communicated about the project.


  • Funding programme

    ERASMUS+ Call 2020 Round 1 KA2 - Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices KA227 - Partnerships for Creativity

  • Duration

    01/03/2021 – 28/02/2023

  • Budget

    238,332.50 EUR

  • Countries

    United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Turkey

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Project reference number: 2020 – 1- UK01 KA 227-ADU094468


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