10 interesting facts about Gender-based Violence

We are excited to share with you the first results from our research on the Erasmus Plus project TETRIS – TEachers’ TRraining to combat Gender-based violence In Sports. Based on desk and field research (focus groups and interviews), the National Reports and the Transnational Report of the project have been published and their key points can be summarised in the following infographic:

The National Reports of Italy, Greece and Italy are available on the TETRIS website.
The Transnational Report’s summary is available in English, Greek and Italian.

The TETRIS project is a two-year Erasmus Plus project, which aspires to raise awareness and enhance the knowledge of Physical Education teachers and youngsters about gender-based violence issues, inform them how they can efficiently prevent and combat gender-based violence in sports and create resources that will facilitate the successful advocacy against any form of violence that takes place within the domains of sports and Physical Education.